TIME - GADESI S'KHATHI - The Time is Now

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Zana Masombuka.....

Fine Art Africa presents feature artist

Zana, "Ndebele Superhero" Masombuka

and her outstanding collection

'Time: Gadesi S'khathi, The Time Is Now'. 

As taken from her biography, Zana's aesthetic is inspired: "by the emotive and vibrancy of the Ndebele people", as well as the Ndebele culture. It is deep rooted in the recreation of the African identity, with a focus on the Ndebele culture, and how Africans from all industries are paving the way for themselves as well as future generations. With this said, she reinforces the importance of art historically and how it formulates as part of the building blocks of any society.


Ultimately, the work of Zana “Ndebele Superhero” Masombuka is the culmination of two parallel worlds, the West and Africa, indigenous cultures and modernity, as well as the outside world and the internal world of the individual."


 Edition Limited to 10   |  Signed & Numbered 

Printed on Ilford Galerie Fine Art Textured Silk 270 g/m, Archival Paper

IMAGE SIZE:   800m x 1200cm  |  31" x 47"  |   ZAR 18 000