Sara Gaqa was born in 1980 in a small town called Geldern in Germany where she spent most of her childhood. She also lived in Teheran, Iran for a couple of years where her father is originated from. Growing up she always had a keen interest in art and design and started painting on canvas at the age of 14.  

Sara studied natural science and finished her masters in 2006,  after which she travelled to South Africa where she met her husband and finally decided to move to SA in 2008.  Today she resides in the small fisherman’s village Hout Bay in Cape Town together with her husband and daughter.  After her move to South Africa, she left the field of science behind and now focuses her time predominantly as an artist.

Besides her own uniquely blended backgrounds of the German and the Iranian culture, she became very much interested in the African culture and its people when visiting South Africa.  Through her marriage into the Xhosa culture, she was able to gain more insight into the African culture and myths that influence her art.

Her fascination for African faces is often combined with the golden colours of the Orient as well as the European love for simplicity and non-colour. (Sara’s signature phrase). 

Her art is usually not one that dominates the room but is intended to blend in with its environment, yet sending out a powerful message, touching the astute and sensitive observer.  Soft colours, as well as textures, are used to show different development stages of the artwork from unfinished sketches to detailed finishes complementing each other.