Once upon a time, not so very long ago…

In July of 2020 Michelle Lewis, our administrative director, approached Kerry Burns, our creative director, with a virtual gallery prototype tour. Michelle was asking after Kerry’s digital marketing expertise – and, of course, Kerry fell head-over-heels IN LOVE with the virtual gallery tour Michelle presented.

With both Kerry and Michelle being active advocates for exhibiting the abundance of creative energy available in and around Africa, a spontaneous yet fruitful partnership was born!

Our Philosophy & Inspiration

This very first gallery prototype was for an exhibition put together by Fine Art Master Rachelle Bomberg – who later became Fine Art Africa’s very first feature artist. After talking to Rachelle, Kerry began to fall more and more in love with the art world – becoming enthralled in talking to, and understanding, the artists behind each of the works.

What is it to channel such creative energy?

Where does the inspiration come from?

How does the work connect with each artist?

How does each artist connect with the work?

These questions and more inspired Kerry to launch our BackChat video podcast series, giving artists a platform on which to discuss their journeys – and providing for a new dimension of depth within the art viewing experience.

Having received her BA Honours studying African literature and identity politics, Kerry further knows the weight and impact which story holds. She believes in the power of retelling of the stories of Africa, and hopes for Fine Art Africa to be one of the positive and significant voices in influencing the tides of change. 

Adding further passion to the blaze, Michelle has been in the fine art game for over 20 years and has repeatedly spoken about her desire to bring authenticity back into the fine art landscape. Having worked closely with many artists and having developed significant friendships over the years, Michelle knows first-hand how much South African artists have to give – as well as the limited channels they have available through which achieve this.  With online opportunities providing totally new ways to curate art and the art buying process, Michelle saw her chance to finally build the space she has always envisioned.

Fine Art Africa’s Vision & Purpose

Fine Art Africa – then – is not just a space in which to explore new mediums for showcasing and purchasing art, but it is also a place in which African artists can tell their stories, where communities can foster healing conversation, where economic empowerment can be generated, and where our shared humanity can be recognized and celebrated among all.



Meet the Team

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Director, Gallery Curator

and Site Manager

Kerry Elise Burns


Podcast Host, Marketing &

Creative Director